THT49 is a high-end infrared professional camera (384 x 288pxl resolution) developed to quickly become the technician’s best friend. In a rugged and ergonomic design. The model is robust and shock-resistant for any working environment. The navigation interface is easy to operate and allows the learners to operate without being trained. To take the inspection pictures is extremely easy, since the THT49 can be used with one hand only. The camera is featured with Infra Fusion technology and a built-in illuminator lamp to pin-point the problem exactly in high efficiency.
The model has a bright colour LCD display and saves thermal imagers inside SD card with JPG standard format also allows data transfer to PC via USB interface
A CMOS camera to perform saving of visible pictures is also integrated inside meter and the Fusion PiP technology permits to combine both thermal and visible imagers at the same time. The model permits to include a voice annotation during the saving of any image, it’s possible to perform thermo video in real time conditions with connection to PC and also a output video (PAL/NTSC) it is available
THT49 is specifically designed for products predictive maintenance, electrical inspections, nondestructive testing, process control applications, quarantine inspection. security monitoring solutions, firefighting finding and rescue, building energy testing and diagnostics, veterinarian helper, etc